Thursday, June 28, 2012

009 Sound System - Dreamscape

I found this song by accident while looking through YouTube's selection of acceptable music for overlays (the sound you put over a video), and I must say that I am surprised that it is totally free to use, considering its quality and provocative sound.

Check out for yourself why some people call "Dreamscape" by 009 Sound System the YouTube Anthem:

Saturday, June 23, 2012

R/D ft. Nadine Risha - Face of God

Check out this excellent electronic song by R/D (and also featuring Nadine Risha) called "Face of God." If it weren't enough for you that this song is just ridiculously good, the music video created to accompany this piece is also quite visually enthralling.

Though all pieces of art are highly subjective, especially songs and their videos, I would like to venture a guess as to what this may have meant (and what I, personally, got from this video). The "Face of God" is supposed to be this perfect, infallible thing that would wow and amaze anyone who stared into it -- yet everyone in the video had an eccentric style not usually considered perfect.

Ignoring the metaphysical debates that seem bound to anything involving the topic of God (especially from college student redditors on r/atheism and the like, haha) I think this video shows excellently that the face of God may not be as "perfect" as you think -- especially since, after all, we are supposed to be modeled in his image. Something to chew on. ;]

Also, enjoy this little nugget: "Miracle" by Blackmill (another electronic piece).

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tool - Vicarious

Check it out, my favorite Tool song: Vicarious. This particular song was on the 10,000 Days album, which was released several years back (and was the most recent album released by the band Tool, unfortunately). Though "Vicarious" was accompanied by other really great songs, I just personally prefer this one. Maybe there will be another album before I'm through with college!

"'Vicarious' is a song by American rock band Tool. The song is the first single released from their fourth full-length studio album 10,000 Days. Debuting on April 17, 2006 on commercial radio, the seven-minute song entered the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart at #2. It received a nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards." ~Wikipedia

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Combichrist - Fuckmachine [WARNING: 18+]

Okay, so warning right off the bat: do not listen to this if you are the under of 18 years old. I cannot be held responsible for whatever young ears may fall on this song, as I have warned you beforehand. Continue with caution.

So this song is absolutely excellent, in my opinion. It adds so much depth from multiple genres to make a song that really resonates with each listen. This is the sign of a great song, regardless of the vulgarity or darkness that the song may harbor.

Sure, it is a bit rough and brash, and suuuure, it may not be appropriate even for most adults (imagine showing this song to your parents!) but if you are into more progressive, modern music like most liberal college / university students these days you may find this quite attractive to your aural senses.

Friday, June 8, 2012

It looks like the Grammys will be taking their awards show back to Los Angeles for the tenth year in a row on February 10, 2013, said the organizers. The annual nominations concert will also be set in L.A. for the fifth of December, this year, revealed the Recording Academy.

Lovers of music, be they older and sophisticated or younger university students, can appreciate having the Grammys in Los Angeles once more, as the city practically owns the entertainment industry. No one is surprised to hear the results.

"Both the nominations and the awards - in its 55th edition for 2013 - will take place in the city's Staples Center and be broadcast live on U.S. television network CBS.

Only a handful of the 70-plus categories for the awards are featured in the nominations and awards show, including the top honors of album, record and song of the year.

A week of cultural events and activities take place in the run up to music's biggest night, including producer Clive Davis' pre-Grammy gala the night before the awards which was struck by tragedy this past February after the sudden death of singer Whitney Houston a few hours before the party."

~Yahoo News, Music: Grammys set for 2012 in Los Angeles

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Seven Lions - Isis

"Californian producer Seven Lions have given us an exclusive pre-release of their upcoming Polarized EP dropping April 23rd on The new track is called ‘Iris’ perhaps reference to the goddess of Ancient Egyptians, as feels to have a middle eastern influences coming through." -The Music Ninja

Perhaps this little piece deserves being compared to a goddess, because my ears love it when I listen to Isis by Seven Lions. I found it on r/dubstep (reddit, if you don't already know, is basically a circlejerk for college students and liberals, of which I happily participate), and I have been listening almost non-stop since. Love it, hope you will, too.