Friday, September 30, 2011

Tool - Eulogy

Tool is a very distinguishable band in more ways than many people can describe. It is thorough in it's musical works, pressing and pushing many buttons for many people. It can incite happiness, fear, anguish, and even inspire some. This specific song happens to be one of my favorites.

How you may find it's lyrics meaning something to you depends upon how you listen to the song. As of many songs by Tool, their meanings can be interpreted differently by different people at different times. If you like songs that can sway you emotionally and mentally, then take a seat and pull out a pair of headphones.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pendulum - Still Grey

Pendulum is a major player in the DnB (Drum and Bass) musical genre. With over three albums and their great sense of control and balance with snares and deep drum bass kicks, they make any of their songs kick complete ass. Here you have a great example, "Still Grey" is a saucy and energy packed song with plenty of rhythm time and a full eight minutes of psychedelic musical motions that make you feel the emotion. If you're a fan of Electronica or Techno, then you definitely want to pick up Pendulum and start listening.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta

Flagpole Sitta, famous for being known as the theme song in a British comedy known as "Peep Show" and used as a background song during the fifth "American Pie" movie in which the characters are helping one another lose their v-card. Some of the lyrics were also used by "Weird Al" Yanchovich in his song "Polka Power!". This song is one of the more upbeat types that I listen to and often it finds itself being removed from my digital shelf to be played over and over again.

Welcome to iBlog!

Hey folks. Welcome to iBlog, your first and only stop to musical discovery and interests. Names Deathscreton. People call me Deathy, Nimu or Oreo. Here on iBlog, I'll be posting videos from Youtube of music that I've recently learned of or have learned of and with that video, I'll post a paragraph of my opinion and probably a few facts of the song and or band.

I'll post a new video/song every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday unless said otherwise.