Saturday, June 23, 2012

R/D ft. Nadine Risha - Face of God

Check out this excellent electronic song by R/D (and also featuring Nadine Risha) called "Face of God." If it weren't enough for you that this song is just ridiculously good, the music video created to accompany this piece is also quite visually enthralling.

Though all pieces of art are highly subjective, especially songs and their videos, I would like to venture a guess as to what this may have meant (and what I, personally, got from this video). The "Face of God" is supposed to be this perfect, infallible thing that would wow and amaze anyone who stared into it -- yet everyone in the video had an eccentric style not usually considered perfect.

Ignoring the metaphysical debates that seem bound to anything involving the topic of God (especially from college student redditors on r/atheism and the like, haha) I think this video shows excellently that the face of God may not be as "perfect" as you think -- especially since, after all, we are supposed to be modeled in his image. Something to chew on. ;]

Also, enjoy this little nugget: "Miracle" by Blackmill (another electronic piece).

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