Friday, September 30, 2011

Tool - Eulogy

Tool is a very distinguishable band in more ways than many people can describe. It is thorough in it's musical works, pressing and pushing many buttons for many people. It can incite happiness, fear, anguish, and even inspire some. This specific song happens to be one of my favorites.

How you may find it's lyrics meaning something to you depends upon how you listen to the song. As of many songs by Tool, their meanings can be interpreted differently by different people at different times. If you like songs that can sway you emotionally and mentally, then take a seat and pull out a pair of headphones.


  1. Tool is one of my all-time favorites, love 'em. Vicarious would have to be my favorite song, but this one is great as well.

    Excellent choice.

  2. hurray for progressive rock! tool is good at what they do!