Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pendulum - Still Grey

Pendulum is a major player in the DnB (Drum and Bass) musical genre. With over three albums and their great sense of control and balance with snares and deep drum bass kicks, they make any of their songs kick complete ass. Here you have a great example, "Still Grey" is a saucy and energy packed song with plenty of rhythm time and a full eight minutes of psychedelic musical motions that make you feel the emotion. If you're a fan of Electronica or Techno, then you definitely want to pick up Pendulum and start listening.


  1. That song was amazing. I love Immersion too.

  2. I have the album and it's nice, this is one of my fav songs on there but "Sounds of Life [Ft. Jasmine Yee]" is probably the best on there in my opinion

  3. Love Pendulum, man. Great stuff. I have some of their other songs on my YouTube playlist as well.