Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hypnogaja - Lullaby

(REALLY Sorry about the delay. Life has had me around the neck and I haven't had much time tom myself. I found some space to squeeze in a few posts. I'll have some scheduled before hand so this doesn't ever happen again. AGAIN, I apologize! Now, without further delay...)

Hypnogaja is a Alternative Rock group that was formed in Los Angeles, California with the original intent of being a electronic studio project. With their albums and songs being released throughout the years, they began to gain prestiege and popularity, and began to open for bands such as Saliva and 311. Even with such a large fan base, they are usually under appreciated and not very well known. Many fans hope that one day, their promising lyrics and mesmerizing tones will make them reach the high charts.

Hypnogaja's crew list consist of vocalist Jason Arnold, keyboardist Mark Nubar Donikian, drummerAdrian Barnardo and guitarists Bryan Farrar and Abe Parker. Together they manage to create a melodic tempo that even softer music listeners will enjoy. Take a seat and peel an ear open to Lullaby, a simple but often inspiring song I find myself listening to on my MP3 player frequently.


Once upon a time
Or so the stories told
Everyone lives happily
as the end unfold

Forever sweetand never ending
All I wantis to know whylife is nota lullaby
Reality tellsa different kind of taleEverybody tries to winbut everyone fails
It's never sweetand never ending
All I wantis to know whylife is nota lullaby
It's all a lieTell me whyIt's all a liethe lullaby
All a lie, all a lietell me why, tell me whyAll a lie, all a lieLie
All I wantis to know whylife is nota lullaby

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