Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn - Illusion In Me

Some people tend to shun soundtracks from media such as video games, TV series and movies. I however, being the vivid gamer I am, enjoy OST and the such from any piece of digital media. So it's natural that the Silent Hill OST's are illuminating enough to draw me in like a moth to a flame.

Illusion In Me is the opening song for Silent Hill Origins for the PSP that plays when the credits roll in the opening scene. Slow and oddly comforting and disturbing, it matches the footsteps of the main character as you pass the high way with nothing but fog to follow.

Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn's voice matches the eerie musical tone that Akira Yomoaka produced and placed into stone. Overall, if you are a fan of horror movies and unsettling background music, then be glad to take a seat and listen to this tune.