Monday, May 14, 2012

Tenacious D thinks they can "revive" hard rock with a new album

Tenacious D thinks that hard rock is dead.

What makes them think that? Well, looking back at the sort of music that has been coming out lately, it may be easy to jump to that conclusion. After all, Lady Gaga is not exactly what comes to mind first when we think of what we would like the future of music to remember us for. I know that I most certainly don't want to look back on my college days and see Justin Bieber.

Jack Black and Kyle Gass, members of Tenacious D for eighteen years now, intend to "fix" this issue by bringing back what they believe is more real music: hard rock. Their new album will be called "Rize of the Fenix," and is slated to come out tomorrow, Tuesday the 15th.

Though the album will feature a fair amount of comedy (considering that is what we know them best for), they intend to make at least one hit song with this album. They have consulted with Grohl of the Foo Fighters in what the secret is, but only time will tell if Kyle Gass and Jack Black have been good students of the music legend.

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