Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Eagles - Hotel California

Here's a little something that I am certain my fellow studious music-lovers have heard a thousand times over (even if only on the radio!): the ever-popular classic from The Eagles called Hotel California. Whether or not you like it, this song seems to be just around every corner, revered as an epitomizing example of music -- and, if you ask me, rightfully so!

Often, I mention that I study for my college classes by listening to more upbeat, faster electronic music, but I'm afraid that they all lose out to such great rock as Hotel California. This student gives The Eagles an A+ for this one!

Give it a listen, and check for more info on the song after the skip:

So, as I have already stated, Hotel California is in fact a song by the Eagles, from their album with the same name. It was a single, released early in 1977 (February, to be exact). Though the song has had many attempts at interpretation from the outside, the Eagles themselves have said that it is their "interpretation of the high life in Los Angeles."


  1. One of my favorite songs ever, i'm a big Eagles fan..

  2. I simply love hotel california. My friends and i were always playing the song when we went on roadtrips. Somehow i think eagles are that typical band that is only known by one song but at least in this case its awesome!

  3. I used to hang out in this bar and the juke box did not list "hotel california" on its menu, but if you pressed 666 it played. True story.