Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Massive Attack - Teardrop

In the year 1998, long before anyone had even conceived of the television series House (which uses a portion of this song as its opening theme), the already-popular British band Massive Attack released the album Mezzanine. The song peaked at the #10 spot on the UK Singles Chart.

The popularity of Teardrop led to its usage in many shows and films, most notably that of House (as I mentioned before). The heartbeat-rhythm bass drum beat at the opening and closing of the song make it into the House opening theme, and the rest is history.

You can catch some vocals in the song from Elizabeth Fraser, who sang with the Cocteau Twins. Check it out below, and if you like it, then bookmark it. I did so myself so that I can listen to this while I'm studying for my college classes, but you can use it for just about anything!


  1. Man, these guys have been around forever!
    They're still amazing!

  2. This song means a lot to me... irrelevant to the TV show.