Saturday, October 13, 2012

Justin Gets Jacked -- Bieber's laptop thieved in Tacoma

It would appear that Justin Bieber was the victim of a theft at the Tacoma Dome in Washington on Tuesday. Bieber's publicist alleges that a laptop used by the tour manager was mysteriously stolen, presumably as they had their attentions diverted on the show.

Tacoma's police said that an online report was indeed filed, but that there would likely be little they could do to recover the laptop. One thing in particular has dashed their hopes -- the fact that all of this may be an elaborate hoax to hype his new music video.

While the opinion of some college kid may not be worth much, let me tell you the one thing I have learned as a student: there's a reason for everything! That Bieber may have been promoting his new music video is not so far-fetched.

After Bieber's account tweeted that the laptop had disappeared, there was a response by mysterious Twitterer (tweeter?) @gexwy that claimed he stolen the laptop, and that he had posted Bieber's supposedly under-wraps music video to YouTube. The video starts

Just one issue there, bud... it's already out!

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