Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lee Ritenour - Niht Rhythms [JAZZ]

In keeping with the theme that I started a few posts back, I want to diversify the music spotlights that I bring to you guys, my lovely readers. ;] So, instead of posting nothing but electronic dotted with rock, I will post a wide, eclectic range of songs so that everyone can find something they like (and perhaps broaden their horizons a bit? :D).

So, here's today's selection: smooth jazz. Hell yeah, it had to be bolded AND italicized!

One of the only smooth jazz songs I really even know off the top of my head is Night Rhythms by Lee Ritenour, thanks to a radio selection quite a while back. I must say, however, that's it isn't that bad at all actually, and I'm surprised I haven't listened to more smooth jazz lately! I figure it's better to study for my classes to smooth jazz than to hard rock or dubstep, anyways. ;P

Take a listen to Ritenour's Night Rhythms below:

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