Saturday, January 28, 2012

Armin van Buuren - Mirage

Guess what? It is trance time again on iBlog, and we got one of the most famous artists in trance history for the blog feature: Armin van Buuren, the Dutch master of trance music. Few people can even come close to van Buuren in the entire electronic industry, much less trance. He has really built up a foundation for trance music that still heavily influences those interested in it today.

One of my favorites from van Buuren is his Mirage song. There are a lot of reasons that truly mesh together to rank this song way up on my list, but specifically I think it is the uniqueness that Mirage has that gives it that extra oomph. Check out the video below, which features the Mirage song to a chill background:

Armin van Buuren is a true master of music perhaps because of his unusual devotion to it -- he was making music like this when he was just fourteen years old! When I was 14, I  was still screwing around with how to get out of doing work, and he was throwing himself into it. You really have to admire an artist with that sort of talent and passion.

Speaking of good music, I would like to give a shout-out to a blog that I have recently come across that also talks about music of a similar vein, and I urge you to go check it out. If you like anything I have been featuring here, chances are you will love what this man has to present. Check out my new friend, FinestMusicSelection!

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