Friday, January 27, 2012

Freedomatik - Area 102

So let me start off this post with a little story.

My good friend was telling me about the new music player, Spotify, and how much he loved it. He had so many songs queued he could not even find the time to listen to them all! He went on about the program, and I nodded my head and said, "Cool, cool," without paying much attention.

A few days later, I discover this cool music player on facebook. I get really into it, and suddenly I am on facebook telling everyone, "Man, I love Spotify! I wish I had heard about it sooner." The same friend replied with, "I told you about Spotify, man!"

Whoops. Busted.

So there are some commercials on Spotify between a few songs to keep their program running, and one of them is for the electronic band Freedomatik. I found their "One Nite One Album" playlist to be excellent, as a matter of fact, and I added my favorite of the entire set to my Awesomesauce #1 playlist: Area 102.

Unfortunately, Freedomatik's YouTube is a bit sparse, with only a couple of videos and none of Area 102. So if you want to hear Area 102, click here and scroll down to their track listing.

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