Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony filing for divorce

Turns out Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez are ending their marriage of seven years officially, as Marc Anthony has filed for divorce. Fans and followers will find this as nothing new -- the couple have cited their "irreconcilable differences" before and have planned to split since July.

They certainly look happy -- but that is their job.
Under his real name of Marco Muniz at the Los Angeles Superior Court, Anthony began the process to end their union officially. He also filed for join physical and legal custody of their young, 4 year old twins, Emme and Max.

So how are the two singers taking their big split?

Well, it would seem that Lopez has already pounced on the young Casper Smart, according to Yahoo! News. Smart, a dancer, is just 25 years old; that is an 18-year age difference between the two. That is a hell of rebound, if you ask me, but to each their own.

Marc Anthony, on the other hand, seems to be taking the whole thing just fine. Of course, though -- why would he not? This is not his first rodeo in the marriage (and subsequent divorce) department, having gone through holy matrimony with Lopez just days after his divorce from the former Miss Puerto Rico, Dayanara Torres, was finalized.

The entire situation sounds like a sitcom script, but celebs will be celebs, and that is definitely what these two have proven here.


  1. A lot of sitcoms come across exaggerated at times. But celebs always add the new perspective and make them look damn more plausible. Haha.

  2. As every other marriage between famous people...seems when you succeed on the career path you fail on your love one :/

  3. most of famous people hapend the same devorce after couple years

  4. Days after divorce was finalised... JLo is one hell of a girl to get on the rebound!

  5. They never really fit together. It was a matter of time.

  6. Yo Marc, go find yourself younger hot latina girl :)