Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sony is top of global music production after buying EMI

So today it would appear that the European Union (a.k.a. the EU) gave their approval for the purchase of EMI, a music publishing business, by a group headed by Sony.

"Sony and Mubadala have offered to divest valuable and attractive catalogues containing bestselling titles as well as works of successful and promising authors," announces the European commissioner for competition issues, Joaquin Almunia. "I am therefore satisfied that the competitive dynamics in the online music publishing business will be maintained so as to ensure consumer choice and cultural diversity."

This deal puts Sony at the top of music production, which means we should effectively see more of the company pervading the market (though it already stretches over a vast range of music-related productions).

What does this mean for the average college Joe, just wanting to enjoy a bit of music? Well, it shouldn't actually mean much at all, since the Sony group will likely continue much of what is already going when they purchase EMI. So, no worries, your music should be safe.


  1. Sony gets bigger and bigger. A frightening trend.

  2. The song "EMI" by the sex pistols becomes ever more relevant!
    check it out here