Sunday, April 1, 2012

Moroccan rapper El-Haqed imprisoned for "insulting public authorities"

As if the vast continent of Africa did not have enough turmoil on its hands, one more story seems to have piled itself up on top: a rapper from Morocco, who goes by "El-Haqed" was imprisoned recently for "insulting public authorities," through one of his songs.

Apparently, a YouTuber played the El-Haqed song "Kalib Addawla" (in English, "Dogs of the State") to a video clip of images edited together with such pictures as a policeman with a donkey's head, and many more. Outraged, the monarchy locked him up with no hope of bail.

These "authorities" fear a revolt against the rulers, just like Egypt, or Tunisia. In response to the tension, there were reforms introduced that intended to free the legal system from the monarchy's iron grip, thus granted greater personal liberty; however, actual changed have been few and far between.

According to El-Haqed's lawyer, he faces three years at the most in the slammer if they find him guilty. "It seems the police are now the plaintiff ... The prosecution has ordered his detention as if he represented a danger to the community," the lawyer, Hatim Bekkar, informs.

It seems that this all boils down to a man using his voice to make a change -- and the monarchy is trying to shut him up. With any luck, El-Haqed's arrest has set in motion the process of revolt to change corrupt, anti-democratic Moroccan rule, and giving the power to the people, where it belongs.

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  1. ok, here is where the problem lies. They arrest him for his music because they feel his words are a threat to their society/government/monarch. . . . ??? really? If you are secure with your. . any of the above, then you should have nothing to fear! wtf?! Oh well. But then again, He should have known the rules. . at least they thought he did. You know the rules, and so do i.