Saturday, February 25, 2012

Chris Brown arrest warrant?

Don't get too hyped up just yet. The rumor of an arrest warrant, out for (who else?) Chris Brown, is just that: a rumor. Miami officials have denied the reports that Brown has an outstanding warrant for his arrest, though an investigation is ongoing.

What is being investigated, you may be asking? Well, apparently he is being accused of stealing an iPhone, straight out of the hands of Christal Spann, a 24-year old woman. She says that he simply drove up with his windows rolled down, and snatched the iPhone she was using out of her fingers, commenting, "you ain't going to put that on no website."

Then, as is appropriate for such encounters, he promptly sped off.

So, the true question here is why someone who has had goodness-knows how many pictures of him all over the place (and who is quite the Narcissist) would steal a woman's iPhone just to stop one more picture getting on the web.

Better yet, don't these celebrities have goons to do that for them?

Now, I know Chris Brown is not the brightest of celebrities (or people in general), but I would place my bets on False for this one. There are so many reasons for why he would not do that himself, as well as for why he wouldn't mind so much if someone took his picture.

Until further info is released, though, we can't truly know. Chris Brown will just have to ride this one out a bit more appropriately than he did the others, though kudos must be given to his collab with Rihanna recently. Even more kudos has to be given to Rihanna -- I sure as hell would not want to be in the same room as Chris Brown, even after over two years!

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  1. He really deserves to get jailed. Why he expose in public when he don't want people to take pictures of him??? If he like his money from audience all over, he must behave much better in public....