Sunday, February 12, 2012

Upcoming Artist of the Month #1: DarkGrey

iBlog brings you the Upcoming Artist of the Month, which will be awarded to a particularly new artist who has brought not only enjoyable music to his or her listeners, but has also shown considerable composure and a great attitude throughout their foray into the wondrous world of music.

Awardees will receive the space on iBlog's sidebar reserved for "Upcoming Artist of the Month," where their music, or samples of their music, can be heard, as well as various links to their sites and social media so that you can stay in contact with any you might really enjoy. We encourage you to get interested and involved with these artists; they love the support!

The first upcoming artist in this series is electronic DJ (and his own producer at the time of writing) DarkGrey. The tunes DarkGrey is putting out are getting pretty huge -- and with each piece of work, he gets better and better. One little remix he just released is insanely better than the original in my opinion, and that is really saying something, as the song he remixed was by the incredibly popular Steve Aoki; the song is Ladi Dadi.

Check it:

Steve Aoki - Ladi Dadi (DarkGrey Remix) by DarkGrey

DarkGrey hails from the state of Iowa, and he is part of a posse that is blowing up the Iowa scene known as Subfix. Alongside those partners in crime (guilty of making absolutely massive music!), DarkGrey has been carving his way into the playlists of fans in not just Iowa, but also from around the country. Says he of his own music: "I like where it is heading, but... I'm still looking for that perfect sound I've wanted for so long." Considering how good he is already, that "perfect sound" seems like it is going to absolutely epic.

So where does an artist like this begin? Well, much in the same most electronic artists start, as a matter of fact: with some cheap software and a passion for music. At the age of 14, DarkGrey (then most likely known by his more regular name, Charlie Smith) began "dabbling in production" with software like Sony ACID, but soon let it go. After several years and with high school coming to a close, he got FruityLoops and started making music.

"Ever since then I've just been honing my skills really," he says.

DarkGrey is on track to be big, and his fans love his music. I can personally attest to that, since I find myself incredibly impressed with his work so far and have been following his music ever since I discovered it on reddit. Take a look yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!


  1. holy cow. this dude totally blows me away. definitely cant w8 to hear more!

  2. Great read. Sounds like this DarkGrey is heading down the right path. Hopefully he stays true to his music. Too many sellouts these days.


  3. damn, song goes hard.