Thursday, February 2, 2012

Modestep - Sunlight

Time to move on back to the electronic category again! Rock, hip-hop, and even what some may consider rap has made its way onto this blog, so there is quite the variety -- but we can always return to our much loved genre of electronic music, starting it off with Sunlight by Modestep.

Modestep is a London-based British band, whose songs are in the dubstep (and general electronic) range. Though they are not profusely popular throughout the globe, they have definitely made a name for themselves in the UK scene, and even the American dubstep scene.

Check out the music video below, from the official UKFDubstep channel on YouTube:

My personal favorite by Modestep is the Sunlight song, which is perhaps their most successful single so far. It has close competition from other great songs, like Feel Good and To the Stars, and even have garnered some attention with their remix of one of Cee Lo Green's biggest hits, lovingly renamed Fuck You.

Check 'em out and leave some love (or hate?)!

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  1. MFW those old guys are getting more play than me. >:(