Friday, February 3, 2012

Sublime - What I Got

What would this music blog be if I did not mention a band straight from my hometown of Long Beach, CA? In fact, this band is quite well known in Long Beach -- and for good reason. On more than one occasion, the band has mentioned their hometown in their music, much to the excitement of those in the city itself.

That band is the massively successful group Sublime (I bet you know that already though, right?). They are known for so many songs it would be hard to list even just the big ones, but of course I am going to give a try: Santeria, Date Rape, Caress Me Down, Smoke Two Joints, Badfish, and... well, jeez, it just keeps going!

The Sublime song that I am posting today is another one of their biggies: What I Got. It is by far my favorite Sublime song, probably because of how easy-going and realistic it is. For many people, this song represents how life is, and signing it has become something of a nostalgic past-time for my family. You can hear it below:

Sadly, Brad Nowell, the band's lead man, died of a heroin overdose, and the legal estate made it impossible for the band's surviving members to continue playing under the name Sublime. You can find their newest music under the new moniker Sublime with Rome, referring to their replacement singer Rome Ramirez.

Check 'em out, and leave a comment on what you think!

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