Monday, February 13, 2012

deadmau5 wears Skrillex's Number at the Grammys!

deadmau5 at the Grammys

Oh yeah, deadmau5 really pulled off a good one at the Grammys, where his "rival" Skrillex nabbed some Grammys -- and where deadmau5 did not.

In a funny attempt to "get back" at Skrillex, and seemingly proving he knew just how much attention Skrillex would get over himself, deadmau5 wore a plain black shirt with Skrillex's personal number in bold white lettering, with the text below: "u mad bro?"

Oh, deadmau5, you crazy dude. Skrillex laughed it off on twitter with the following message:

Looks like it was just a silly joke between the two after all. Considering the electronic genre is not exactly the most rigid and formal of the genres, breeding mostly in the underground scene, this sort of behavior is expected. After all, most of their listeners (and most of the DJs!) are not much older than college age.

Just keep it classy, you two. ;]


  1. Greatest thing EVER! At first. . wtf? then Rage . . then I see what you did there! Lmao

  2. haha what a legend xD

  3. I've heard a few songs from skrileks .. and i dont like his style, I think that is his fault that this dupstep today become so Commercial.

  4. haha nice job DeadMau5!